4 Things Your Website Should Have

Things Your Website Should Have

Hopefully these things eventually lead someone to your website, as it's not only a library of information about you (hope the information resonates with them), but it's also an experience.

This allows someone to experience your business even if they are not in physical contact with your building, product or service at the time. You're missing out on your sales and marketing strategy if you're not talking about your website. 

A good thing that we do when we sit down with a business to work on their website is to start with the home page. We have 4 questions we ask you to answer. They are:

  • What problem do you solve? 
  • How do you solve it?
  • What makes your company special and unique?
  • Where do I start?

1. What Problem Does Your Business Solve?

You only have  seconds to grab the attention of someone when they land on your site or leave, able to determine what you're doing. It should be in the first frame. People will quickly leave a website if it performs poorly or is poorly designed. 

But they'll also go fast if they don't relate to what you can do for them - the more you know your audience, the better you'll be able to present what your product or service has to offer them. 

If you're a plumbing company, for example, you could show someone fixing a leaking faucet. It is a magnificent sight.Your worth is proven by the fact that you can fix a troublesome leak. 

However, in a competitive market for plumbers who can  fix leaks, many people have encountered a lack of reliability or honesty on the part of a plumber. Maybe this is the problem you want to identify

2. What’s your process for solving the problem?

The second question your website needs to answer is how are you going to solve someone's problem? This is important because most people want a plan. This allows them to visualize the steps to achieve the solution you promise them. Simplify. recommends going through the process with a numbered list when you can. In this way:

  • Step 1: Request a Plumbing Service
  • Step 2: Get help from a reliable plumbing expert
  • Step 3: Experience plumbing peace of mind

3. What Makes Your Business Special?

What makes your business special? Chances are, you have some competition. You are not the only person in town doing what you are doing. At this point in the prospect's journey on your website, they know you can fix their problem. 

You shared the plan or the process with them. But are you good? Can they trust that you will give them the best? Confidence is one of the most important factors in a buying decision. This is why reviews are such a normal part of business today. 

The objective is to establish himself as a guide of confidence.Show them that you are an authority on the matter. Empathize with their needs or problems. As we mentioned before, one of the best ways to do this is to get other people talking about you. 

Testimonials, reviews, and other types of recognition are more convincing than you brag about yourself. Don't just say it, show it!

4. Where Does a Customer Start?

The very last query we solution on a internet site is in which to start; the following step a brand new purchaser can take. You can also additionally have cited this to the tourist while you mentioned the plan, however in case you didn’t make it extraordinarily clean for them to take that first step, then all of your different efforts fall flat.

A button they could click on or an apparent range to name, those are a number of the clearest symptoms and symptoms for in which to start. That ought to additionally be observed with a sturdy name to motion. For Amazon shopping, it’s the “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart.” What an clean motion! For you, it can be “Schedule a Free Consultation,” a name to motion that incentivizes the tourist.

Order is crucial too. In a brick and mortar retail store, the check in is up the front with properly lit signage. The association of the ground tiles and aisles typically direct human beings closer to check-out too. 

This equal type of technology applies to a internet site. We need to present human beings numerous pathways to take the large motion you need them to take. Also, a median mind will count on a button withinside the first or 2nd segment of the homepage. It’s additionally not unusualplace to have a smaller name to motion withinside the pinnacle proper nook above the navigation bar. 

You ought to additionally provide them the possibility to do so at the lowest of the web page too in the event that they need to discover your complete homepage first. They shouldn’t should scroll lower back up to do so. Give them every other doorway already there for them as soon as they’ve regarded over your homepage.

When it involves calls to motion, don't forget now no longer all of us is prepared to shop for or agenda a consultation. That is probably your number one intention however it can be too early on your tourist’s selection-making process. 

That’s why they want a transitional step too. We name it a transitional name to motion. Invite a person to study greater or to invite a query. Give them a danger to down load a aid due to the fact which could hold them related with you or construct accept as true with and authority so as to possibly cause a shopping for selection later on.

Donald Miller, writer of Storybrand, describes it like vegetation and a ring. In a relationship relationship, you can have each to provide. You should ask, “Will you marry me?” But they will say, “I’m now no longer prepared for that.

” So you provide vegetation alternatively and ask, “Will you move on every other date with me?” to which they are saying sure. Asking them on dates over a time period makes them much more likely to mention sure while you pop the large query. 

On your internet site, you need to make each the vegetation and the hoop to be had due to the fact you don’t usually recognise while a person is prepared to make a selection. 

Be considerate in supplying a manner for a person to live engaged in the event that they’re now no longer prepared to shop for.

Some of the fine approaches to do which can be with unfastened downloads of useful content material withinside the shape of ebooks, infographics, or case studies.

Designing Your Website

As a graphic designer, it is difficult to be assured that the questions we react on your website are made with Excellence. Are you agree with visually  and marchiera only for your business.How do people experience it? 

Did you get your message right (who are you, what problem do you solve, how are you different)? It's important to consider how people  already perceive your business on social media or through your sales team. 

The website should have the same experience. If you're struggling to answer these questions about your business right now, we'll be happy to guide you in perfecting your brand. 

We'll also  follow our tips above  showing you how easy the process is  to get a new website, and we've been helping businesses like this  for over 10 years.

  1. It starts with a call with our VP of Business Development. (He’s committed to helping businesses like yours grow so he’d love to hear your goals.)
  2. Then, schedule a free consultation (or free assessment of your current site).
  3. Begin partnering with our website team to create your website masterpiece!

If your website does not answer the 4 questions above and if it is not producing leads, we need to talk about it. It's time to take seriously this important asset that could make or break your business.

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