Winning at Sales Through Centers of Influence

Winning at Sales Through Centers of Influence - One of the best ways to increase your sales efforts is to develop centers of influence.

Usually centers of influence are individuals who have influence in a particular community or industry and have agreed to help you make referral connections. An effective center of influence, must have influence in the market you define or target. 

Winning at Sales Through Centers of Influence

The center of influence could be a satisfied customer, community or business leader, a former business associate, or someone who truly understands what you do and believes in you! It is our experience that the center of influence refers the best potential clients. 


Because there is already a connection or relationship established between the center of influence and the referred client. That existing relationships are based on trust and past success.

There are many ways to grow a center of influence. Here are three ideas we've found effective.

Communicate the details clearly. Help your center of influence clearly understand what you and your company do and the value you can provide clients. Also tell your center of influence specifically how they can help you—who you want to meet and why. Remember, they are risking their reputation being clear and specific.

Always show your appreciation. Saying thank you and showing appreciation goes a long way toward additional opportunities that come your way. A handwritten thank you note, giving a small gift like a book on a specific topic, or buying your center of influence food are just a few simple ways to show your appreciation. Everyone likes their efforts to be recognized and appreciated.

Always provide feedback. Your center of influence isn't just interested in providing you with referrals. He would also be interested in the results of the referenced connection for two reasons. First, the center of influence will be interested in whether the relationship provides value to both parties—whether it is a positive and productive interaction. 

Second, a good center of influence will be interested in the results so they can gauge whether they understand enough about what you and your company do to ensure they make the right referrals. Everyone wants to provide value, and your center of influence is no different.

Build and manage your sales funnel, regardless of industry, in an ongoing process. Whatever other marketing techniques you currently employ, look to develop relationships with the right centers of influence. This one relationship can be a powerful and productive source of business! ( Winning in Sales Through Influence Centers)

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