Reasons Why People Buy Products ?

Reasons Why People Buy Products - Before a people consider buying anything, they must first have a want or need. Their desire can be at a conscious or subconscious level, but it needs to exist in order to motivate any buying decision.
Alasan Mengapa Orang Membeli Produk

People are motivated to buy in order to gain a benefit, to avoid a loss, or to solve a problem. People buy to gain money, save money, or avoid the loss of money. They will buy to prolong life or to improve the quality of life. The need for approval or the desire to be recognized are also strong motivators. Personal needs and wants fall into all kinds of categories with varying degrees of desire and urgency. We see buying decisions all around us every day.

You immediately replace your hot water heater because you need hot water. Even though a Saturn will accomplish similar results you always wanted that Mercedes E350. When you purchase a laptop you configure the new equipment based on the functionality of your needs and the functionality you want.

Understanding your buyer is one of the most important steps in successful sales. Why do your customers buy your product or service? What about your service or product does your customer need and want? Value is an issue in virtually every buying decision. 

Every potential customer will be considering the value or benefit relative to the price he/she will be paying. Remember, customers buy benefits and outcomes. Keep in mind that the most important key to answering this question is being able to get your potential customers to share their needs or wants. Only after those are identified can you begin to communicate and show value.

When mastered, the two skills that will help you uncover your customers’ needs or wants are listening and asking the next “right questions.” Listening is a skill most people believe they have mastered. However; if we are honest with ourselves, it is a skill that should be continually honed. Good listening skills mean that you are engaged with your customer, and they are your entire focus at that moment. Proper listening builds trust, and when trust is established your potential customers are much more likely to share their needs and wants in detail.

Asking the next “right” question is an art form. However, if you are listening properly and engaged you will know what the next “right” question should be for that customer in order to help him/her make a good buying decision with you. Listening and asking the next “right” question is like having a conversation with your best friend. 

The dialog is comfortable, your friend can sense on every level that you are interested, and you are present. And since you are present, you know exactly what to say or what to ask next. Make your potential customer your friend. Treat him/her like your best friend and watch your sales goals move to new heights.

Helping someone make the proper buying decision with you is not difficult. Focus on each customer’s individual needs and wants, link those needs and wants to the value of your product or service through listening and questioning. Before you know it, your sales will increase expontentially.  (Reasons Why People Buy Products)

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