Becoming A Trusted Advisor

Becoming A Trusted Advisor

Becoming A Trusted Advisor - If asked, do your potential clients and existing clients consider you a trusted advisor?

Do your clients seek you out for advice as it relates to other aspects or decisions for their business?

Do you make yourself available to potential clients and existing clients on a unlimited basis?

There are two very effective ways to generate business. One way is to develop and solidify new client relationships, and the other successful path is to generate more business from existing customers.

Experience has proven it is far easier to generate additional business through an existing client than it is to continually manage marketing activities and an ever-growing sales funnel. 

Therefore, how can you ensure the ability to generate more business with existing clients and enrich both their business as well as yours? Establishing a relationship where you are a go-to resource can strengthen every existing client relationship.

As a result of this article, I am not suggesting that you position your services as the answer to every business need. That is not practical, focused, or effective. However, if you are positioning yourself as a go-to person for thoughts, brainstorming, previous experience, wisdom, or advice you are indeed mastering the role of a trusted advisor. 

“In a world that is increasingly connected, but also increasingly impersonal, the role of trusted relationships is more critical.” (David H. Maister) Your buyers are typically lonely decision makers searching for relationships that they can trust and find value in. By offering your time to understand every aspect of your client’s business and every challenge they face, you will be able to clearly understand where you can provide assistance.

Never forget that knowledge and information about a client is power. It may not power the sale today, but it will allow you the ability to suggest and provide the right solution at the right time. Trusted advisors also receive more referrals. 

A company decision maker is more apt to frequently refer someone who is a proven resource in multiple areas, consistently available, and follows through on the details.

A recommendation for your current business plan is to look at all of your existing client relationships and evaluate what you can do to provide more value not in the forms of services per se, but in the form of added value through brain power, ideas, and professional connections. By focusing on your clients entire business, by understanding their needs and concerns, you will see a very positive impact to your sales funnel!

Tammy A.S. Kohl is President of Resource Associates Corporation. For over 30 years, RAC has specialized in business and management consulting, leadership development, executive coaching, youth leadership and becoming a trusted advisor. For more information visit

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